L'Ile Déserte

L’Ile Déserte

Watch this documentary on Canvas tomorrow! Seventeen-year-old Mamebou lives in the last house of a dead-end street in Brussels. Growing up in a disadvantaged environment, promising Mamebou never had a …

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  • Palestine, histoire d'une terre

    Palestine, histoire d’une terre

    First film footage taken in Palestine (Lumier Bros.) Extracted from “Palestine: Story of a Land“, by Simone Bitton Like an early Google Street View, the French movie pioneers brothers Auguste …

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  • Felice Varini painting Hasselt

    Felice Varini painting Hasselt

    Swiss artist Felice Varini has painted curved strips onto buildings and streets in a Belgian city to create a picture of overlapping rings when viewed from one vantage point. Felice …

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  • Vantablack


    The Independent: “A British company has produced a “strange, alien” material so black that it absorbs all but 0.035 per cent of visual light, setting a new world record. To …

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