2011 – according to Dynooo

Last year has seen producer/collageur/fashion kingpin Dynooo close down his Mac Fly shop. A big loss to Ghent town, and Belgium as a whole. But at the same time, it has seen him explore new adventures, most notably with the launch of Surf Kill Records alongside other local dons Cupp Cave and Nosedrip. To say Dynooo’s vision is one of the leftfield, would be quite the understatement. But as time will show: he stands for something, and that something is highly inspirational. More power to Dynooo in 2011:

“Instead of just making an attempt at a 2011 trend forecast I decided to jot down a couple of random things, thoughts, suggestions and rants about what I wish for this year. Pretty sure there’s a lot I forgot but hey.”

Welcome along, it’s 2011, according to Dynooo:

Kakbek is a party concept by a group of young interesting people and coolest venue I’ve ever played.
Whether crunk, noise, 8 bit or ghetto house, these people know how to get it crackin’. And there’s girls and I wanna play each and every one of their events.

Artwork by the talented Valgesto.”

Make it! Make it!
“Trash Humpers, the sequel. Or some other VHS Harmony Korine shit. The man’s a genius and this world needs his brain.”

Check: trashhumpers.com

“I need less talk about Kanye West and his hopeless attempts to gain attention from the fashionista community. I mean, all red Vuittons? Hotel painting type record covers? Leather shirts?? Hurry that ass back to the Blue Oyster bar son.”

Dem Hunger
Dem Hunger is a brilliant producer, collagist extraordinaire and thought-provoking writer. I live for his tweets, the man has a vision that is no less than amazing. Matter of fact, check out everyone on the Leaving Records imprint.”

Surf Kill
“Sitting on a whole bunch of exciting projects, we have added about 10 mystery acts to our roster. On a shelf near you, once we get our pay back from the distributor- wink. More music, zines, theme nights and other business. Expect the unexpected.”

Local cats
“As for other local artists I’d say defo keep an eye on Midnight Galaxy, Kingfisherg and Sagat. These guys and their music inspire me more than any of the hype stuff floating around the internuts.”

Blackberry apps
“Don’t wanna be that gadget networking blogosphere guy with the Raybans but time’s come for someone to develop a Blackberry photo-editing or drawing app. Cause I take a lot of beautiful pictures I wanna screw up while I’m on the latrine. Just for kicks you know.”

Wiz Khalifa
“Although I’m pretty sure the street value of marijuana in this country will skyrocket even more, I wish you all plenty happy times accompanied by the work of the wonderful mister Wiz Khalifa, this generation’s very own D-O-double-G.”

Next-level dance
“Suffice to say we can’t hear enough of Zomby’s work. And Actress. Beautifully unusual dance music for ’11.”

Lefto on politics
“I’m calling out everyone and they momma to help me compile Lefto’s tweets on politics & society so we can bundle, print and publish them as a life-changing book.”

Uncensor Badu
“And last but not least.. who’s got that uncensored Badu video? Share the wealth!”

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  1. BLA says:

    I’m pre-ordering that book right now. Way funnier than ‘Shit My Dad Says’ and co.

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