Dogging Tales

Many people have heard of dogging but very few know what goes on in this secretive world.

This intimate and compelling True Stories film provides an insight into why men and women engage in or watch sexual activity in front of strangers in public areas, under the cover of darkness.

Interviews with doggers begin in the ‘real world’ as their day draws to a close and they discuss their normal lives.

As they go out they shed their daytime personas and Maguire accompanies them to lay-bys, woods and picnic spots around the UK that often double as dogging locations after dusk.

Dogging Tales (Channel Four documentary)

The characters allow themselves to be filmed during their sexual encounters but they also open up about their attraction to dogging: how they were introduced to it; why they may feel a lack of fulfilment without it; and how their relationships are enhanced or damaged by it.

The film is not just about sex or fetishistic behaviour, but also the human story of alter-egos, connections and acceptance.

This beautifully shot, distinctive film captures the intimate night-time journeys that few people see or experience, but that allow this covert community precious escapism, excitement and self-discovery.

Dogging Tales is directed by award-winning photographer Leo Maguire, who made his critically-acclaimed debut in 2012 with Gypsy Blood: True Stories.

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