Kid Sublime presents : The Alicia Beattape

Kid Sublime is back! And back with a masterplan, which on-point fully endorses, of course!

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, 1h10min of pure soul, produced by the Kid, on the keys, drums, bass and vocals. I’m feeling this passionate magnus opus of Amsterdam’s finest producer/composer:

Kid Sublime presents : The Alicia Beattape

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(and don’t forget the cover)

This man deserves to be in the studio with Alicia Keys. Watch him explain the idea of this beattape in the video below, and please spread this as wide as you can, eventually, this will reach Alicia, and she’s got to love it:

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20 Responses to Kid Sublime presents : The Alicia Beattape

  1. JtotheC says:

    This is a masterpiece!
    Absolutely brilliant, Mr. Sublime!
    A masterpiece i tells ya!!!


    I hope you get that goal, man!!

    GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Funky Bompa says:

    Sublimenessss !
    Worldwide baby !

  3. SNS says:

    now that’s what I call a beattape!

  4. eddie m. says:

    sublime has crazy heat.

  5. Nasta says:

    repeated 5 times today, tomorrow again probably

  6. Ev says:

    This is awesome!!

  7. Wiermayne says:

    Lovin’ this.. :)

  8. I´m sorry, but: Boring!!!

    Doe mij dan d’n Jonas maar.

  9. Jonas says:

    Are you kidding me? I love the alicia beattape!
    Mr. ‘Blime is a serious musician!
    Akkoord, het is op z’n minst een ambitieus plan, maar gelijk heeft-ie, want wie niet waagt, blijft maagd!!

  10. Keith says:

    This is beatuiful! Is there anyway i can actually download it? Whenever i press it, it just goes straight to playing in Windows Media

  11. yo says:

    this is that lava

  12. cocoB says:

    Kid Sublime is the truth. Lovin it.

  13. Chunky McLoveHandlez says:

    For no apparent reason Kid Sublime always been praised in Holland. I gave him a fair chance, actually copping his debut “Rappin’ Blak”, but was dissapointed. Not to cramp his style though: hope he really steps up his game on this one, allthough Alicia Keys is obviously/definitely not the best of singers, and sort of played out in my opinion. Sure, she can play a note or two on her piano, but i prefer her just keeping her mouth closed and keep shaking dem hips in that tight purple jumpsuit. I strongly advise mister Sublime to approach more heartfelt singers like Jazmine Sullivan (if u don’t believe me; check out the chorus on “Smoking Gun” on Jadakiss’ last album). And by the way; that whole beattape-thing is saturated by now, and so called “producers” nowaydays are suffering from a severe case of bandwagonism. just do YOU, sublime

  14. yo says:


    i would say the whole blog-commenting thing is saturated by now.
    i couldn’t care less what the sales pitch is about. i just really dig this “tape’ or whatever it is.

    and i don’t think Sublime is praised in Holland.. maybe in Amsterdam (or not even) i think judging by this hot shit right here he’s actually a bit underrated.

  15. TheDamn says:

    Chunky McLoveHandlez: this Kid is bringin some real stuff man!!!

    Rappin´Blak was not his debut album. He was the founder of Rednose Distrikt and the main producer on their first album ´iller dan je Ouders´. After that he released his second album Basement Soul with legends like Alma Horton, J. Jarell and Zuco103 to name but just a few. Then came Rabbin Blak featering legends i´m not even gonne name and now he´s up with this. Find it strange this 28 year young Kid is praised in the Netherlands?

    Yes indeed, he´s underrated. But the future will bring nothing but good for the sublime. Mind my words.

  16. SNS says:

    @ Keith: right click on the link & “save as” should do the trick

  17. Incks says:

    Very glad to see sublime back in action…listening to the beat tape now ((((((((*listening*)))))))))

  18. shablo says:

    Sublime is truly blessed – this all project is ridiculous, Kid got soul!

  19. drone says:

    playin’ this a lot….

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