Jazz Neversleeps / JtotheC – Take Care Of You

Proudly presenting: the video to our forthcoming 12 inch release : Take Care Of You by Jazz Neversleeps and JtotheC

Shot in what seems to have been an abandoned… place… with animals.. and a lady… As I wasn’t in town when this was shot, I have no clue how this came about, all I know, it’s brilliant. Tune in and vibe along, welcome to the world of Eckelwood, promising video powerhouse from around the block!

More info on the release pretty soon. For now, check the snippets on our brand-new soundcloud, get your pre-orders up on rushhour and spread the word…

OP05 – Jazz Neversleeps – TakeCareOfYou ft. Jtothec / Diepgank – snippets by on-point

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3 Responses to Jazz Neversleeps / JtotheC – Take Care Of You

  1. slutfish says:

    Nice work !!!

  2. zOomzilla. says:

    Good lookin’ out on this new release!!
    Keep one of those golden twelves on the side for me will ya Lloyd ;)

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