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Vlas Vegas

Viva Vlas Vegas!
You probably heard the rumour, and it’s true!
We’re doing another gig @ de kreun on may 22,
playing at the Vlas Vegas festival in Kortrijk.
We start at 8pm (20h), so please be early!! Entrance = free !
If you remember the last time we played there, then you know that
you’re in for a treat! Playing with the full band again this time,
and we even got some new special guests playing along with us!
Can’t, won’t and will not spoil the surprise, so you’ll have to come
and check it out for yourselves! After the gig, the Phat Soul foundation
is playing some sweet soulful and funky records, so a wonderful evening
is guaranteed. Oh and did i mention entrance is for free? I did, didn’t i.
See you all there !!!!!!