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Lord Only Knows

Hey there folks!
Just wanted to let you know it’s out there!! The infamous Beck Hansen cover “Lord Only Knows” by JtotheC & the Bad Mothas! We teamed up with Nouk for this one, and her voice is an excellent addition to this track. We kinda flipped it into a happy soul-song, and you can download it on the BIRKLUB website for free! That’s right, it ain’t even christmas yet, and Santa’s here already! So open your hands and please accept this treat! Have a listen to it, and spread the news to all of your friends! Woohoo!!!

* * * * * * *

Cheers to D. Vossen for the idea of covering one of Beck’s songs, and also a big thank you to Renaldo M. from the Uphigh Collective for doing the endmix. I heard he had a great time mixing over 60 layers of musical pieces… ha-ha-haaa! See, that’s why i’m called the layerman. Hahahaha! Big up to the neighbours as well!

Thanks to Lefto & Studio Brussel for having us over in the show!

And of course i can’t forget my man Dieter Van Holder taking those wonderful pictures of Nouk and me!

Now, while we’re at it, check the original song by Beck Hansen, straight off the Odelay album:

And please do check out Nouk’s music too.
Lord knows we’ve got some talent in Kortrijk!

Now spread the word and the love!!!