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Jazz Neversleeps feat. JtotheC – getta 2 getta

Hey Everybody!
I forgot to mention something!
Did you know about this? -> When you want to get it together,
and you start to stutter, just say “Getta 2 Getta” and things will turn out alright for you.
I tried it, and it worked! I told that to my Brussels based brotha Jazz Neversleeps,
and sent him an acapella to demonstrate.

Needless to say, i was amazed when i heard that he made a track with it.
Now Jazz also had another track called “Natte Vinger” (hahaha, gotta love the man’s titles)
and when Alex Deforce (on-point records) heard all of this, he decided to press it on a 7inch.
So there you have it… the teamup: Jazz Neversleeps featuring JtotheC.

Now… the records got pressed, and as if that wasn’t enough,
the man Deforce drove us to the Cum* Collective to do some silkscreening.
Hahaha… madness. Even my father was so excited about it, he wanted to do
the intro of the promotional video. Hahaaa!! Check him out:


I believe we still got some copies of that 7inch, so get yours while you can!

That’s right.