Moodymann aka Kenny Dixon Jr at RBMA

moodymann red bull music academy rbma kenny dixon jr kdjLast week Moodymann was interviewed at RedBullMusicAcademy, I was in the are but had to miss out on the lecture. Luckily, I did see his in-store gig at BlackMarket Records, and had a little chat with one of the dames accompanying the man, the myth. The man is now the proud owner of the official JtotheC 7″, and I must say, he was utterly charmed by that.

Anyhow, watch the 1h30 lecture with Moodymann at RBMA:

Rollerball enigma and silhouetted man-on-the-mic Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann is one of the most enigmatic and charismatic figures that house music ever bred. Despite his refusal to give interviews and play the press-and-promo game, Kenny’s voice has been clearly amongst the loudest, when it comes to preserving the rich heritage of Afro-American music, while fighting the music industry powers that be. Blessed with an immaculate way of sampling, he takes stems from blues and soul, and respectfully takes them onto the next level – just check his Tribute (To The Soul We Lost) ode to Marvin Gaye for proof. From his dark and dusty deep house tunes on Peacefrog, Planet E and his own KDJ label, to his more recent outings on the R&B-drenched Mahogani Music imprint as well as his 2009 sure-fire anthem Freaky MF, Moodymann’s fingerprint has stayed unmistakable. Even a so-called techno tune like Dem Young Sconies sounds like nothing and nobody else on this planet. You can’t kick this feeling when it hits!

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    Allright!!! This is utterly nice!!!!

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