Kyle Hall Hustles Harder – video interview

Almost a year ago, when we were vi-si-ting New-York City, Matthew at turntablelab tipped us there was a guy in town, which we really should go check out and maybe even meet:

Turns out the guy was a boy, and so the day after, we connected with 17-year old Kyle Hall, who was in NYC for the first time in his life, just like us. Little did we know, this young man would become the hype of the year, as he’s been constantly releasing records, on his own Wild Oats imprint, on Hyperdub, Third Ear and Clone Records.

So we sat down with mr. Kyle Hall, in the Sunday Best sun one fine Sunday. A talk about him coming up under the wings of Omar S and his FXHE imprint at the age of 15, his mentors being Rick Wilhite, Theo Parrish, Carl Craig, Marcellus Pittman and the passing of knowledge from one generation on to the other.

Months later, after Kyle had toured the world and done the Darkstarr remix on Hyperdub, I decided to ring him up for a Skype interview, to talk about him exploring the dubstep side of things and teaching class at Youthville, Detroit. The webcam-interview worked out perfectly fine (unlike an earlier attempt)

Unafraid and raw, Kyle Hall’s set at Sunday Best on the 12th was as exciting as we could’ve hoped for. Cutting, scratching and blending house, modern soul and disco; he transcended the hype surrounding him right now and demonstrated how real of a talent he is. We’re elated to have it recorded. Now you an listen to it over and over again!

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7 Responses to Kyle Hall Hustles Harder – video interview

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  2. JtotheC says:

    Nice video once again!
    Ow! On-point’s hitting hard with these incredible things lately!
    Whatup Kyle!! Nice ‘stache, man!
    Hahaaa!!! Big up!
    What a beautiful day that was in the park. Kyle was spinning some good music that day!! Brilliant.

  3. Sir-5 says:

    Nice vid-report Kidd seems to have a good package of skillz n the right spirit. hope to hear more of him

  4. Gratts says:

    Cool video Alex!

  5. Love his music! Been supporting this brother on KCRW!

  6. JHallam says:

    Great interview O-P. Nice touch with the webcam update.

  7. Phonetics says:

    Very nice interview!

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