Ssaliva – We never happened

Antwerps finest imprint is continuing its rise to world domination with another future classic release: Ssaliva’s We never happened is out now on 12″ vinyl

The release comes with a free download, and with an accompanying text by Fred Aerden:

I am a vessel. A muffled mass. A bulk. Extent. A womb. I move. So I am neither here nor there. Always somewhere in between. To give substance to this frame, I carve out a piece of me. Sometimes a shape, sometimes a form. Into this space I pour what besieges me: words, pictures, you. So we can become me. Viscosity and temperature dictate the time it takes. When it is done, I break the mold I am. I take the cast inside and place it by the others.

That is when it starts tormenting me. It gives a face to the unsaid and an empire to what I could not bury. It now has a weight and a consistency I can no longer avoid. Still eager to escape, I turn my back on it and hobble ineptly away. But the space it has left within my frame begins to throb. It flickers, moans and aches. It chars. I can sometimes ignore what’s there, but I can never hide from what’s gone. So I run. (Text: Fred Aerden)

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