Founded in january 2010, On-Point Records remains a fairly new enterprise. Firmly rooted in the vinyl culture, all release are limited singles. Available in online shops and in a few local shops. On-Point Records does not handle in b-sides.
Malik Crumpler & Alex Deforce (OP13)

Malik Crumpler & Alex Deforce (OP13)

(((((((Inevitable Mutations)))))))

Leron Thomas - Take It.. (OP12)

Leron Thomas – Take It.. (OP12)

Take It.. by Leron Thomas With Leron Thomas currently making major moves – with Me’Shell Ndegeocello, Jason Moran (Blue Note) Guts (Heavenly Sweetness) – we are extremely proud to release …

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  • Témé Tan - Améthys (LR-7002)

    Témé Tan – Améthys (LR-7002)

    Témé Tan ft. Noza out on Limite Records

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  • Summer Sampler 2013 (OP11)

    Summer Sampler 2013 (OP11)

    Melodic nuances of sunshine in all of their refinement.

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  • Debut EP (OP10)

    Debut EP (OP10)

    Debut EP by The Essence Debut EP by The Essence, the duo that brought you Sweet Rendez-Vous some time ago. Digital release, name your price, spread the word, catch them …

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  • When The Disco Ball Tells A Different Story (OP09)

    When The Disco Ball Tells A Different Story (OP09)

    Exploring anything from sunshine boogie to straight-up melodic house.

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  • Never Let You Go EP (OP08)

    Never Let You Go EP (OP08)

    Debut ep of the illustrious Maseratay modern funk outfit.

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  • Sweet Rendez-Vous : The Remixes (OP06/CWURL14)

    Sweet Rendez-Vous : The Remixes (OP06/CWURL14)

    Pure bliss and the essence of romance. Original + remixes.

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  • BRNS - Mexico (LR-7001)

    BRNS – Mexico (LR-7001)

    BRNS debut single, out on Limite Records

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  • Take Care Of You / Diepgank (OP05)

    Take Care Of You / Diepgank (OP05)

    Bass-heavy classic for the darkest corners of the dancefloor.

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  • Sidechain Reaction (OP04)

    Sidechain Reaction (OP04)

    Call it androgyne, call it colour blind, say the sound is Nina Simone meets Cinematic Orchestra.

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  • Getta2Getta / Natte Vinger (OP03)

    Getta2Getta / Natte Vinger (OP03)

    Jazz Neversleeps’ epic broken-beat / house debut.

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  • Caravan / Blend (OP02)

    Caravan / Blend (OP02)

    Introducing: Title, Delvis, Uphigh Collective.

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  • Nono / The Stomper (OP001)

    Nono / The Stomper (OP001)

    Lo-fi funk moments in the life of JtotheC, a cult classic.

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