Les Silences De Spilliaert

Léon Spilliaert, master of his own dark univers. I missed the recent exhibition in Brussels, shame on me indeed. But this RTBF documentary tells his story.

The voice-over is weird at first, but there’s just very little video and photomaterial left of Spilliaert, so the makers gave it a bit of an angle, by directing themselves to the artist and by quoting his letters.

Love the part that says: “His face marked by inner tension.”

If anything, Spilliaerts silences are highly uncomforting. Utter brilliance if you ask me.

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2 Responses to Les Silences De Spilliaert

  1. Walking Stranger says:

    Thanks for sharing this video on youtube !
    This documentary does justice to this painter Léon Spilliaert by the way they choose the narrator’s voice, the movement of a beam reminding of the lighthouse on the paintings slide, and above all the excellent psychological profiling of the artist’s life.
    I like a lot the passage at 9:26 ;)

  2. victoria lancsweert says:

    FANTASTIC ! i would love to see the rest someday …

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