Little Baby Jesus of Flandr – En Waar de Sterre Bleef Stille Staan (trailer) – Gust Van den Berghe

My man Gust is on award tour, for yesterday the wildcard for best feature film at the Leuven Kort 2009 festival went to… ‘Little Baby Jesus of Flandr’, his graduation project, and first long play feature film. Congratulations Gust!

I’ve had the honour and privilege to see the film already three times, and I must say it is highly conceptualized in its essence, perhaps the strangest Christmas tale I’ve seen in a long while, yet not in a disturbing way. References with Von Trier and Lynch will be made, which is nice, watch the trailer:

“… adapted from the old Flemish play “En Waar de Sterre Bleef Stille Staan” by Felix Timmermans. A compelling story about three poor beggars, going around caroling on Christmas eve for money, food and liquor. They end up getting lost in the woods and witness the birth of little baby Jesus.”

You might know Gust as Gusto Producto, one half of MadeInJapan and from the Cum* documentary yours truly made with him – which will soon be online by the way.

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12 Responses to Little Baby Jesus of Flandr – En Waar de Sterre Bleef Stille Staan (trailer) – Gust Van den Berghe

  1. Congratz Gust!!! Can’t wait to see the movie!

  2. Funky Bompa says:

    Looks very very nice indeed.
    I’m very very curious !

  3. Gust says:

    I’m still working on it.
    alex will know when its out there…

  4. lloyd says:

    True indeed, and I forgot to mention that, hahaa, saw the unfinished version already three times though, so I’m in the know :) will keep everybody posted as soon as it’s finished though, of course!

  5. JtotheC says:

    looking forward to seeing the movie!!

  6. Nefer says:

    The trailer looks great Gusto!!
    Congratulations (again)!
    Bonne continuation

  7. fahar says:

    first congrats!
    And second
    the lighting, the pictures look beautiful, i know i not share the same references, but the landscape and the atmosphere are really really nice.
    And the story seem strange but very human …
    i love black and white movie :-)
    i ‘m very curious to see the movie!!!

  8. Ans says:


    Nick vertelde me dat je langspeler de moeite zou zijn. Ik ben erg geïntrigeerd geraakt door enkel al het zien van je trailer. Wanneer en waar gaat hij te zien zijn?

    Mijn bewondering is groot…

    Gr, Ans
    (3b film)

  9. dirk says:

    Gust proficiat voor je resultaat, heb via Stanny Correwijn
    mooie foto’s gezien van een deel: namelijk de bruiloft
    getrokken in het kouwelijke Ossendrecht
    Wacht met ongeduld op de film
    groetjes Familie Lingier

  10. maarten says:

    mijn sterre bleef even stille staan, jammer dat trailers zo kort zijn! mooi, om even stille van te worden


    maarten van de wiel

  11. tom says:

    ha nice, mijn broer is zo content :)

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