Mayer Hawthorne Interview

Mayer Hawthorne is conquering the world these days. And how happy we are to see him making such proper moves.

Back in september you were served a worldwide exclusive when we hit you with this free mp3 download. Shortly after the heart-shaped vinyl saw the light, on Stones Throw Records. The single quickly sold out, and is now living its second life amongst collectors speculating upon its value. Which is nice.

Mayer Hawthorne’s debut album is to be expected this summer, so we figured it was time to sit down with the man and speak upon his music, his influences, his working method and his life as a neat freak:

Last night the video to ‘Just ain’t gonna work out’ was released, and it’s beautiful. Watch how Dâm Funk walks away with Mayer’s girl, don’t choose sides though, Dâm is family now:

[youtube pBKx8PyE5qQ]

Mayer’s new single ‘Maybe So, Maybe No’ is out now on Stones Throw Records, get it!

Especially don’t sleep on the B-side to the new single: ‘I Wish It Would Rain’, my personal favourite of the moment:

[youtube gfpJmbF1NSc]

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13 Responses to Mayer Hawthorne Interview

  1. J to the C says:



  2. =vic= says:

    That’s just brilliant mayne!
    I just wanted to be the first to say…”Ooooooooooooowwwww!!!!!!!” hahaha..

    Really now, as i said in the previous Mayer Hawthorne post, ,
    this is the kind of music that i want to hear on my radiostation…
    and continue to hear on my radiostation.

    I’m looking forward to the day when adobe air-applications like the laid-back player take over the shit, and take it to my carstereo, so that i can rock Mayer Hawthorne in my car, roll down my window, and see the somebody sing a long Mayer’s songs as well.

    Ok, maybe i’m thinking too far here now, but…lol…
    it’s cool to see Mayer’s pushing records like he is. I’ll do my best to keep up with him, and buy all of his stuff he puts out!!
    Not to forget stalk the radiostations with it, and tell everybody on my way about this cat.
    Happy to have bought that heartshaped vinyl (4 times!!) when it came out, so i consider myself to be a fan, so maybe i’ll buy the new single 4 times as well.

    Hell, maybe i’ll buy every single thing Mayer puts out 4 times.
    Whatever it takes to get that bad mothafucka on the radio!!!!

    I’m even considering to book Mayer Hawthorne for my birthdayparty next year in january, when i’m getting 30. I’ll start saving.

    This is just brilliant, what else is there to say.

    Mayer, you got our support down here in belgium!

    One love!


    yo’ brotha from anotha motha,

    J to the C



  3. Rafla says:

    Haha Vic, you’re a tru fan!
    Nice interview!

  4. Julius says:

    @Vic … Mr. Hawthorne is on heavy rotation on your favorite radio and… you’re right about that car thing … next move for the LDBK player will be a mobile phone one!

  5. T says:

    Vic, they’ve been playing ‘just ain’t gonna work out’ regularly on Studio Brussel during daytime. So i would say keep on stalking those radiostations.

  6. .dee says:

    word!! we love mayer, and he keeps doing it.

  7. stefan says:

    Really enjoyed the interview! Great stuff!

  8. jakob says:

    can’t wait for the album to drop…mayer hawthorne is amazing…i’m so happy i was able to catch him live in manchester!

  9. Funky Bompa says:

    Nice coat he’s rockin in that vid ! ;)

  10. james says:

    Cant wait for the album. lovely stuff!

  11. bamski says:

    i only heard about mayer hawthorne a wile ago when i heard his song it aint gonna work out!!what a refreshing i you tubed him and loved everything i heard and went to amazon and preordered the album!cant wait til 7th september.lovealwayz

  12. el bandido says:

    dope interview. I’m glad to hear the rest of the world is getting hip to Mr. Hawthorne. I saw him a few weeks ago in NYC, and he was amazing. Keep doing your thing, can’t wait for the album to drop.

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