Wouda presents: Dopeness Galore Records, Amsterdam

First time I met Wouda I knew it right from the start: this man has stories to tell and On-Point TV should be there when he does so.

It was after spending a night of video clip shooting with Kid Sublime, when the three of us crashed down in Wouda’s laboratory, the attic where Dopeness Galore was born.

The day after I had the FS Green interview on the program but I left with the promise I’d be back and Wouda couldn’t share the Dopeness Galore saga with nobody else, not until I had captured the vibe.

This is the story of a young cat in Amsterdam, who’s steadily been building up his independent record label. Slowly but surely gaining international recognition, most notably with the releases of Frank-N-Dank’s The EP and Pharaoh Sanders’ Finest.

Watch Wouda share his vision on these projects, music and the business (and me risking my life on that Amsterdam bike)

Dopeness Galore Records Amsterdam Wouda video interview on-point tv

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14 Responses to Wouda presents: Dopeness Galore Records, Amsterdam

  1. duveldude says:

    heerlijk filmpje, love the vibe die er vanaf druipt.
    Oh, en Alex, wordt de duif in je filmpjes een constante? Remember lork en Bonom. Of vergis ik me zo.
    P’s man

  2. lloyd says:

    The pigeon is a must. Always. Not only in the videos, the pigeon is omni-present, in life. Seriously. :)

    Got more pigeon news coming up, by the way, very excited by that.

  3. Wouda says:

    A’dam rats: “pigeons”

    We serve them food with anti-conception pills, now the numbers of pigeons are slowly decreasing.. The new animal which is taking over is called: “rabbit”
    The biggest population of rabbits in the Netherlands are now living in the Dam..

    ..So now you know

  4. lloyd says:

    Hahaaaaa, goddamn, and you know I’ll be back to capture those rabbits then, it’s true though, rabbits in Oost, but the camera was too slow.. my bad :)

  5. Rafla says:

    Superdope aflevering! Interessant, goeie muziek en leuke beelden!

  6. =vic= says:

    gotta love that track at the end… the passage… wow!

  7. Franklin says:

    Zooo, dope beelden zeg, goede sfeer. Props!

  8. SirOJ says:


    big up alex

  9. Chris H-K says:


    Nice one ! I bought a copy of the finest Album By Pharoah Sanders at Piets shop ‘ Lost In Music’ here in BXL before I saw this short film.

    Wouda seems to be a cool kinda guy with his heart/music in the right place. I will certainly be looking out for any further releases from his label.

    Keep them films coming.

    Best Chris H-K

  10. Dee says:

    very interesting interview, i honestly hadn´t heard from Wouda before but now i gotta check him out better ! nice one again…

  11. dyno says:

    dope interview!

    much respect naar de dopeness galore fam

    en ook naar alex natuurlijk..

  12. Linton says:

    Hey Wouda,

    dope interview, ziet er goed uit man!
    We moeten snel even meeten.

    Ga zo door!

    Gr, Big L ;)

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