David Lynch – Documentary

david lynch documentary documentalDavid Lynch, not many directors out there enjoy such a dedicated following as this cult director. Personally, I still need to see a couple of his classics, and I’m not up to par with all of his side-projects yet. But I recogn myself a modest fan. So without further ado..

Tune in and for one hour, enter the world and mind of mr. Lynch:

[youtube 47Dq23PFPuo]

[youtube pXdbgJN3WvA]

[youtube Pdw7UX3EAiM]

[youtube lfIiLJ3TsZE]

[youtube M9qBLK7BFEI]

[youtube skJyzrJfJ2Q]

[youtube tY8K4Ka6nzY]

(thanks Jazz for the tip!)

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