Uphigh Collective – Blend live on Studio Brussels

Last Sunday On-Point Records was invited on national radio, as a part of Lefto’s season closing on Studio Brussel. JtotheC & the Bad Mothas were in the building, Nouk was in the building, Title was in the building, LuiGi was in the building, and most notably Delv!s was in the building, alongside the entire Uphigh Collective.

Uphigh Collective Blend On-Point Records Delv!s DelvisNext to a 10-minute set of exclusive tracks by Ducap, Oddlaner and iSa, the show’s climax was Delv!s performing Uphigh Collective’s Blend live in the studio, luckily Eckelwood was there to capture this magical moment:

If you’re feeling the vibe of ‘Blend’, buy it now on iTunes, or get your 7″ vinyl via Rushhour or Juno, or at your local record store, of course.

You can listen to the entire radioshow right here on mixcloud.

Thanks to Lefto and Gus for having us, and to Studio Brussel of course!

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21 Responses to Uphigh Collective – Blend live on Studio Brussels

  1. JtotheC says:

    I’m so glad i was there to witness the whole thing.
    What a great man, what a great voice.
    Congratulations brotha delvis!
    You got it !!!!!!!!
    What a family vibe that was overthere!!!!!!!

  2. Bramme says:


  3. Nouk says:


  4. Funky Bompa says:

    Bringing the chills mang !

  5. Baadasssss says:

    HOHOHooow, BOM!

  6. mister critical says:

    hell yeah !
    amazing voice, superb track :)
    keep em coming…

  7. Maybe it’s temporary but the iTunes link doesn’t work.
    Love the music, tho.

  8. JoBee says:


  9. Dope! Really nice voice.

  10. Sir-5 says:

    So nice indeed
    and yes much THX to On-POINT
    for helping us in the process

  11. Dee says:

    OH SHIT fuck that was dope, really amazing love his voice


    i gotta keep my eyes and ears open for this dude

  12. Dawhud says:

    All the dope music is overseas.

  13. Rashid says:

    Lovin this. He`s jammin fo sure!

  14. Vlekwood says:

    Dope track!

    What a voice! Belgium has got some talent!

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