Wax Poetics Records’ Amir Abdullah – Interview

While visiting the city of NewYork last Summer, I had the chance to sit down with Amir Abdullah – also known as Amir of Kon&Amir fame, worldwide renowned kings of crate digging and record collecting. Amir is currently label boss of WaxPoetics Records, so I decided to talk to him about his adventures in digging, his vision on running a label, his work with Kon, and pimps and whores, of course.

Welcome along, it’s On-Point TV, all the way from WaxPoetics Headquarters and its noisy air-conditioning system:

wax poetics records video interview on-point tv amir abdullahwax poetics records video interview on-point tv amir abdullahwax poetics records video interview on-point tv amir abdullah

Get your hands on those precious WaxPoetics Records, because…

“Wax Poetics Records was formed to bring timeless, handpicked releases to the ears of eager listeners. The label provides a platform for branded promotional releases and events that will help you reach the tastemaking music community.”

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9 Responses to Wax Poetics Records’ Amir Abdullah – Interview

  1. JtotheC says:

    That’s wassup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sjefke says:

    Nice interview, dope editting. Did it again.

  3. BLA says:

    Somebody should do a video about record-collectors and the IKEA Expedit … dope video, as always

  4. RD says:

    hahaha, expedit for the win!!

  5. kenson says:

    Good storyteller! I’d love some more ‘atmo’ shots of the studio during the talk.

  6. lloyd says:

    What studio? that’s the waxpoetics headquarters :) people were working hard, felt a bit strange to film them while working, next time though!

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  9. jee says:

    great interview, i love it! thank you!

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