Who Is Peter De Greef?

Peter De Greef, though unfairly neglected, was one of the great Belgian pictorial artists. He studied under Constand Montald, Herman Richir and Jean Delville, among others, at the Académie Royale in Brussels, where he also met René Magritte who would become a close friend. From 1922 to 1950 Peter was one of the greatest illustrators of musical scores. Beginning with a modern, very art deco style, he would move towards one which was close to the emerging comic strip style. His personal approach is also to be found in his posters, advertisements, caricatures, lettering, book covers and later on, record sleeves. He was a keen music-hall and jazz enthusiast, and was the main illustrator in this field in Belgium. We invite you to discover this exceptional artist.

This month (until december 7th), there’s an exhibition about Peter De Greef at Hors Série (rue du midi 64, 1000 Brussels). The book “Who is Peter De Greef?” is available there, or you can order your copy over here.

Thanks Lander for the tip!

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